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I grew up doing yoga with my mother, who has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for decades. My passion and daily practice was enriched by a Sivananda Vedanta IYA certified yoga instructor course in Vrindavan, India. I then taught Hatha yoga classes in Grahamstown for several years whilst completing my postgraduate qualifications at Rhodes University to a diverse range of students, elderly, beginners and more advanced yogis. I have travelled to Mysore and trained in a traditional Mysore-style Ashtanga shall. I seek to incorporate a range of teachings into a unique style of yoga practice. Since 2014 I have specialised in private classes for clients of all ages with specific ailments and needs. This focused instruction deepened my knowledge of the many health benefits of yoga, and refined my attention to alignment and posture. Moreover, it moulded my understanding of daily practice as an expression of gratitude for vital being and a practical means to restore this vitality. Yoga to me is about creating the space for yourself to reconnect with your essential wellbeing; to breathe and be.

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There are multiple benefits of yoga, including assisting in the treatment of obesity and weight management; joint, spine and muscular pain; high blood pressure and circulatory problems; gastro and IBS concerns; depression and insomnia; limited concentration/focus; stress management; menstrual pain, irregularity and menopause; detoxification. As a daily practice, yoga gives you energy and de-stresses you and focuses your mind in a positive and balanced way.


Yoga is about observing your breath and body as you progress through a series of asanas, or body movements and positions. Some of the asanas are intended to be held for some breaths, and others flow with the breath, some are focused on stretching and others on strengthening or balance. It does not matter what level of flexibility, fitness or strength you have, nor does it matter how much experience in yoga you have. Yoga is for everyone and can be practised at any age. Moreover, undertaking yoga classes is not necessarily a religious/spiritual choice – it is a practice aimed towards enhancing your vitality.

As a yoga instructor in a class I will guide you through these asanas, and will take care to assist you by modifying the asanas depending on your needs and abilities. Each class ends with about 10 minutes of guided relaxation in which you are able to recharge before facing the day again. The point of yoga is not to compete with those around you, or to strain the body to do what it is not comfortable with. Rather, it is about connecting with yourself and listening to your body, working with your limitations and strengths to enhance your overall wellbeing. Results and progression from the classes will vary from person to person, but keep in mind that yoga is not going to ‘fix’ anything immediately. Instead, with weekly application over time you will be aware of changes in your approach to life, and an enhanced awareness of self in conjunction with physical benefits. The more frequent your practice, the more sustaining and effective the results. As long as you don’t strain and overdo it, yoga cannot and should not hurt you.


In a private yoga class I can structure the asanas, level, pace and focus of the class to your needs. If you are looking to progress quickly, feel inhibited/shy in an open class environment, or have specialised health problems or ailments, this is highly recommended.


Yes we all are – just relax and listen to your body. Move, extend and strengthen and ground yourself, but most of all be kind to your body. Yoga is about working with yourself, not against yourself.

Connect with me to chat more. Online consultations via Skype/FaceTime are definitely also an option!



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