Knots poem

Knots Liquid energy solidifies – globules of stagnancy  determined by the negative perspectives of my mind’s eye. Years pass and if I am patient like Himalayan pine the cyclical curvature of being funnels a nurturing limb, holding me in the soft rhythm of first light connecting my presence in and out - the sapling - … Continue reading Knots poem


Green knots: travelling art in Old Manali

On my first stroll through the vertical streets of Old Manali village I was overcome with the sense that crass tourism had completely ruined what must have been as little as a decade ago a charming and picturesque rural settlement in Himachal Pradesh. The ‘two for one’ cocktails special signs in various shades of neon … Continue reading Green knots: travelling art in Old Manali

Nafs: breathing – Interscendent art

As part of the Nafs: breathing solo art exhibition at the South African National Arts Festival, I filled a separate room entitled Interior room: interscendent with a series of paintings created with a flow of acrylic, guided by palate knife on paper. I began working with the idea of representing yoga asanas about six months ago, using charcoal and pen and … Continue reading Nafs: breathing – Interscendent art