Stimulate digestive fire yoga sequence

In the recent Detox Yoga Getaway, I facilitated two yoga classes a day over a six night luxury stay at Brookdale Health Hydro in the KZN Midlands. It was complete bliss and I am so grateful to everyone who participated! I hope to see you all again next year! In the coming weeks I will … Continue reading Stimulate digestive fire yoga sequence


Detox notebook: Yoga and rest

The more I have progressed along the path of my yoga journey, the more I have come to value rest as an essential component in my regular yoga practice. This value is constantly negotiated in relation to a range of other important factors. I am a naturally motivated person who enjoys challenging myself. I am also … Continue reading Detox notebook: Yoga and rest

Yoga Detox Getaway at Brookdale Health Hydro 8 – 14 Jan 2017

I am absolutely brimming with excitement and gratitude: I will be hosting a Yoga Detox Getaway at Brookdale Health Hydro from 8 - 14 January 2017! Brookdale is an immensely beautiful, luxurious and quality health hydro and spa in the KZN Midlands, South Africa. Its set on the most glorious property with plenty of natural, … Continue reading Yoga Detox Getaway at Brookdale Health Hydro 8 – 14 Jan 2017

Understanding our contemporary ‘detox drivers’

Across health/wellness industry media platforms there are reminders, tips, recipes, warnings, in-depth studies and dire diagnoses regarding detoxification. I often overhear people saying things like, “I had such a big weekend. I really need to detox”. Frequently in my yoga classes and through online platforms I get asked questions about detox. There are numerous potions, … Continue reading Understanding our contemporary ‘detox drivers’

Ramadan yoga flow: Aid detox and energise metabolism

Ramadan is a time of reflection, prayer, community and detoxification. It can be quite taxing on the body, however, and there is little opportunity over the day for healthy exercise. Although due rest is a necessary component in a fasting/detox diet, it is advisable that you do not become weakened and emaciated through the process. … Continue reading Ramadan yoga flow: Aid detox and energise metabolism

Yoga Mudras

Aspects of yoga philosophy are concentrated on the relational patterns between different areas on the hand and fingers and parts of the brain. Like the study of reflexology on the feet, the hands have been found to be highly sensitive and concentrated areas of neural and energy pathways and meridians. It has become custom in … Continue reading Yoga Mudras