Ramadan yoga flow: Aid detox and energise metabolism

Ramadan is a time of reflection, prayer, community and detoxification. It can be quite taxing on the body, however, and there is little opportunity over the day for healthy exercise. Although due rest is a necessary component in a fasting/detox diet, it is advisable that you do not become weakened and emaciated through the process. … Continue reading Ramadan yoga flow: Aid detox and energise metabolism


10 Minutes Yoga Sequence to Invigorate a Desk-bound Day

There is frequently discussion on media platforms about the long-term health risks of work-related stress. There is a related, but distinct, risk that is not as comprehensively considered: sitting. Sedentary lifestyles are the trademark pattern of contemporary capitalist society. We are increasingly seeking out ways to minimise movement and effort. Our jobs are becoming more … Continue reading 10 Minutes Yoga Sequence to Invigorate a Desk-bound Day

Yoga Mudras

Aspects of yoga philosophy are concentrated on the relational patterns between different areas on the hand and fingers and parts of the brain. Like the study of reflexology on the feet, the hands have been found to be highly sensitive and concentrated areas of neural and energy pathways and meridians. It has become custom in … Continue reading Yoga Mudras

Beneath Bamboo Mountain: Retreat in the Drakensberg

This past weekend I was invited to join a mediation retreat at Dharmagiri in the Drakensberg Mountain Range. Dharmagiri is situated close to Underberg, which is a small town in the dairy and cattle farming region in the Southern Drakensberg that runs through the Umzimkulu River valley at the foot of the Hlogoma Peak (‘place … Continue reading Beneath Bamboo Mountain: Retreat in the Drakensberg

Knots poem

Knots Liquid energy solidifies – globules of stagnancy  determined by the negative perspectives of my mind’s eye. Years pass and if I am patient like Himalayan pine the cyclical curvature of being funnels a nurturing limb, holding me in the soft rhythm of first light connecting my presence in and out - the sapling - … Continue reading Knots poem

Nafs: breathing – Interscendent art

As part of the Nafs: breathing solo art exhibition at the South African National Arts Festival, I filled a separate room entitled Interior room: interscendent with a series of paintings created with a flow of acrylic, guided by palate knife on paper. I began working with the idea of representing yoga asanas about six months ago, using charcoal and pen and … Continue reading Nafs: breathing – Interscendent art