Sophie Calle once said that her art was in everyday life, and that she fabricated a life to suit her art. The dialectical relationship between reflection and creative production, and the spaces in which we produce, consume and construct our identities has always captivated me.

This blog serves as a platform to share my yoga classes and adventures with you – writing, research, yoga, travel, trekking, literature, soaring skies and deep crevasses of the soul. I am a twenty-something woman crafting an inspired, ethical, independent and innovative life.

I am a yoga instructor who specialises in private classes, seeking to make a deep connection with my clients and formulate a yoga routine that works for their specific needs. For more on my yogi life – check out the yoga page, and follow me on Instagram: @nina_visions.

I balance my yoga commitments with writing; I am currently completing my first novel, and editing my PhD dissertation to transform it into a publishable manuscript. The title of my dissertation is: Ways of Seeing over Time: The Construction and Imagination of ‘Historic Separation’ in Palestinian and Israeli Cultures. I graduated with a DPhil from Rhodes University in April 2016. If you would like to know more about this, or to engage with me on other writing projects, connect with me here.



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