Nafs: breathing – Interscendent art

As part of the Nafs: breathing solo art exhibition at the South African National Arts Festival, I filled a separate room entitled Interior room: interscendent with a series of paintings created with a flow of acrylic, guided by palate knife on paper. I began working with the idea of representing yoga asanas about six months ago, using charcoal and pen and concentrating on body forms. Over time, I have reworked, rethought and recreated the style. In conjunction with this, I have undergone an emotive and bodily healing process linked to my yoga, and fittingly the paintings have become more bold, free and abstract. The bodyform represented progressively gave way to the expression of energy flow and the vital experience of each position. At the right pressure and speed, when I guide the palate knife over paper, a spontaneous eruption of colours and patterns evolve: each stroke is unique and I am merely a witness to unobstructed surge of energy.

Soorya Namaskar. 70cm x 40cm. 1, 200 ZAR

I made the frames specifically to fit each painting. I wanted them to be very light and delicate, with the sense that they could unravel at any moment because these paintings and the room they were housed in for the exhibition were so personal and emotive (see my post: The philosophy of yoga art: corporeal healing). The simple wooden structure is also incomplete, which gives the paintings and room a feeling of movement and progression, as if the process of being and yogic practice is continuous and can never be finalised.

Sarvangasana. 70cm x 46cm 1, 200 ZAR


Bhujangasana. 80cm x 46cm 1, 200 ZAR

Sirsasana, 70cm x 46cm, 1, 600 ZAR


Vrscikasana, 70cm x 46cm, 1, 600 ZAR


Pada Hasthasana, 70cm x 46cm

Matsyasana, 81cm x 50cm 1, 200 ZAR

Vrksasana, 70cm x 46cm, 1, 600 ZAR

Chakrasana, 86cm x 46cm, 1, 600 ZAR


2 thoughts on “Nafs: breathing – Interscendent art

  1. These paintings are magnificent. My favourite being the Pada Hasthasana and Sirsasana. The canvas sings with colour and emotion, with an air of simplicity which I love too. Thanks for sharing.

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